with Dr. Marie Mbouni

Unleash your Divine Feminine Codes  

( Previously called Supercreator Greatness and Incubator )


Immersive, exciting, and soul stirring, this course gives you a weekly video lesson and assignment to start you on the path toward healing, greater intuition, and self-connection. I will help you begin discovering what's holding you back so you can accelerate your progress forward and awaken the SuperCreator within yourself. 

The course gives you access to on-demand, video training with 8 targeted weekly challenges that teach you how to do the internal work needed to start toward life fulfillment at its very highest. 

Now is the time to change. Begin to awaken the SuperCreator inside yourself.

What You’ll Learn:

  • The Best Day Ever Blueprint, which helps you remember your greatness so you can go for what you want with greater confidence. 

  • Powerful self-activation techniques to help you pinpoint your desires and move forward with greater momentum.

  • Deep meditations to help you connect with yourself and open up to something greater.

  • Mind-shifting tools that help you find greater self-awareness and banish self doubt.

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